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Do we really need gutters?

In general we only think of gutters as trough for rain water to pass but in reality they do more than what we know. Gutters are not just passage but they protect your home from rotting. 

 What are your gutters doing exactly?

Gutters are good for diverting water away from our home but why is there a need to do so? Without gutters water water would fall from your roof to the ground. But is that really a problem? Rain water don't have anywhere to go but to fall from the sky down to the ground but why do we need to keep it away from our house when we can just allow nature to take its course and fall like its suppose to do? Without gutters, water makes the soil wet. Over time it will cause erosion,  damage to your landscaping and foundation problems. A wet soil is a soft soil - making it possible for anything that's built solid on it to shift or crack, leading to structural problems especially the sides of your house. Once the sides of the house starts to rot water will eventually find its way inside your home.  

Gutters need to be installed properly

No matter what gutter you have you need to ensure that it is installed properly. Your gutters must be angled properly. They should be gently-angled toward the downspout so that water will slide down towards the downspout down to the ground. They must be a few inches below your roof line and must be supported by enough hangers or brackets to avoid them from sagging.

Gutters require on going care 

Just like any part of the house gutters requires regular cleaning because if you don't it can get very expensive when your house's foundation starts to rot and water gets in.